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The Banks CIO Forum of Sri Lanka proudly presents the fourth year of the esteemed CIO Conference, “The CIO Confluence 2018” will be held on the 21st of August 2018 at the Hilton – Colombo.

Stepping from the last years’ platform, the theme for this year ‘Digital Transformation – Making Banking Invisible’ will showcase offering more customer-centric-experience at the forum. The theme mainly focuses on innovative ideas that re-define customer experience and journey, on embracing and implementing the digital culture that leads internal and external customer satisfaction.

Digital Transformation - Making Banking Invisible

The confluence will cover a wide range of topics on how a virtual organization will render the conventional banking model obsolete and give life to the concept of invisible banking.

This year we will help prepare you for the inevitable digital revolution. To show you why organizations need to start thinking deeply and creatively about how to use digital to operate and organize in ways that create new opportunities.

Keynote Speaker - Steve Sammartino

  • A futurist and business technologist
  • The author of two best-selling books, How to Hack Your Way Through the Technology Revolution & The Great Fragmentation
  • Advices the fortune 500 companies on technology strategy
  • Launched one of the first ‘Sharing Economy’ start-ups before Uber or Airbnb
  • Constantly engages in extreme innovative projects
  • Media commentator and technology reporter for ABC Radio National and in-house futurist for 3AW

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Conference Line-up

  • 1. Morning Session

  • 2. Afternoon Session

  • 3. Evening Session

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